“Entrepreneurs turn out to be the same as artists”

Entrepreneurs(hip) and creativity (Jordan Peterson)

“If you want to be creative or if you are and you should take this advice to heart, because I’ve been watching people for a long time. If you want to engage a creative pursuit, you should find something stable to do that will generate you an income and you should pursuit the thing that you are creative about on the side, because monetizing creative production so bloody difficult…” Watch the complete lecture about entrepreneurs(hip) and creativity.

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Pilot Talent Program

Stagiairs afdeling Marketing van De Oosterpoort & de Stadsschouwburg (OPSB) hebben stage succesvol afgesloten!

“Ze weet je altijd weer te stimuleren om door te gaan!” (Sandra)

Zes stagiairs van de afdeling Marketing van de OPSB hebben deze zomer met succes hun stage afgerond. Ook zijn ze inmiddels (bijna) afgestudeerd mede dankzij de persoonlijke begeleiding van buro dijkstra. Deze begeleiding kregen de stagiairs binnen het kader van een pilot van het Talent Program. Middels Talent Programs wil buro dijkstra bedrijven en hun stagiairs tot een win-winsituatie laten komen. Door stagiairs een waardevolle stage te bieden creëert de organisatie namelijk voor zichzelf de mogelijkheid om te innoveren en te excelleren. Deze stagiairs hebben een zo’n stage mogen lopen bij de OPSB. Hierin zijn ze, elk op hun eigen manier, persoonlijk gegroeid en daarmee de organisatie ook -en daar zijn wij hartstikke trots op!

Ze zijn alle zes op hun eigen manier tot bloei gekomen!

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The Importance of Talent Programs

The win-win effect of talent programs

Before we can expand on the importance of Talent Programs, we have to discuss the need of emotional intelligence for everyone who wants to achieve something in their (working) life. Daniel Goleman (1998) wrote an interesting article, “What Makes a Leader?”, in which he outlines that well-developed emotional intelligence makes a leader more competent:  ‘IQ and technical skills are important, but emotional intelligence is the sine qua non of leadership’ (94). Although the function of emotional intelligence in leadership is worth it writing about, this article focuses mainly on the effects of it towards talent programs. Though, we have to list the elements of emotional intelligence.

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About maturity -“the balance between courage and consideration”

Theater Artemis – War

Stadsschouwburg, Sunday the 19th of March (14.30)

It’s rather witty to write a blog meant for students about a children’s play, but War performed by Theater Artemis excellently offers a different way to approach the concept of maturity.  Interesting, because being a student is also about becoming mature. The announcement of War states that this play is a play which is impossible to make: it’s too big, too much, too scary and so on. Actually it’s unthinkable to make a children’s play about war, but Theater Artemis decided to do it anyway. Then, how does this play offer insights on maturity and therefore why do you need to see this play?

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