Finding your place

Pick Your Own-talent Workshop
RUG Honours College 2019

Books used

Pascal Chabot (2018) Filosofie van de burn-out

Stephen Covey (2013) The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Marshall Goldsmith (2016) Triggers – Sparking positive change and making it last

Richard Sennett (1999) The Corrossion of Character – The Personal Consequences of Work in the New Capitalism

Dirk de Wachter (2011) Borderline times – het einde van de normaliteit

Articles and research

Thomas Curran and Andres P. Hill (2018) Perfectionism Is Increasing Over Time: A Meta-Analysisof Birth Cohort Differences From 1989 to 2016

The Guardian: Daisy Buchanan (2018) Perfectionism is destroying the mental health of my millenial generation

Anxy Magazine: Melody Wilding (2018) Please stop telling me to leave my comfort zone

NRC: Loeka Oostra (2018) De twintiger van nu wil te veel

De Volkskrant: Margreet Vermeulen (2018) Hoger en hoger zul je in het onderwijs

De Volkskrant: Margreet Vermeulen (2017) De maatschappij, díé heeft een stoornis

Videos (and other websites) used

Triggers: The Wheel of Change

Using The Wheel of Change to help us become who we want to be