Professional positioning

– applying for jobs

“Because of her professional point of view, she knows what companies look for and how this can be written into your CV and letter of motivation.”

Imagine… you have spotted the perfect job. For a shot at the job, you only need to follow the link at the bottom of the ad and upload your CV and letter of motivation. The CV is easy, because you have all the necessary experience. You might make some final changes to the lay-out, but other than that you’re set. And that letter of motivation? A piece of cake, because it’s clear-cut that you are the right person for this job… Piece of cake, right?

Reality is often different. Writing a cover letter usually involves writing, deleting, rewriting, more deleting, and more rewriting. It takes a lot of time and creativity to convey that you are that one enthusiastic, interesting, and capable candidate the company is looking for. This means that you will have to make choices about the highlighted contents of both your CV and your letter of motivation. You are, in fact, already positioning yourself in advance and that requires a professional approach.

Buro Dijkstra professionally positions you, so that you will be invited to the interview.

If you really want to go for that perfect job, buro dijkstra can help you. I do so by positioning you professionally. This starts with a conversation. Who are you? What is your motivation? How did you build your CV and why is this the perfect job for you? On the basis of this I will check your CV, letter of motivation, and LinkedIn. You will get feedback in two ways. On the one hand, I will look at spelling, grammar, and writing style. On the other hand, I will relate your writing to our conversation: did you include the things about which we talked? This will give you concrete pointers to edit your letter and CV and present yourself to your future employer with confidence.

‘Tjitske’s help has been of great value to me when I was applying for jobs. Because of her professional point of view, she knows what companies look for and how this can be written into your CV and letter of motivation. When I received an invitation for an interview, Tjitske even took the time to help me prepare. Thanks to this, I entered the interview with confidence!’ (Ellen Vonck)

To which things could you pay attention during an interview? I can give you a few hints already:

♦ Prepare, read about the company you’re applying to;
♦ bring a professional and clear picture of yourself;
(hint: Lisa Jasperina Bommerson makes beautiful portraits!)
♦ be consistent, for example: if you give a description of one job on your CV, you should do so for others, too;
♦ ask people to proofread your letter (for example, buro dijkstra 😉).

‘Tjitske was very resourceful with a lot of contacts she was able to put me in touch with in a matter of few minutes. An excellent networker and communicator with a great passion and vision for career trajectories, advising and mentoring. It was a pleasure to interact and discuss the different career building strategies with Tjitske.’ (Anantha Pillai)

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